Demonstrate God’s love to people in your community by inviting them to a banquet


STEP 1: Prayer walk your community

Prayer walk the community you are reaching out to, seven times in seven days. Before you talk to people about Jesus, talk to Jesus about the people in your community, and ask Jesus to help us see people as he sees them.

STEP 2: Give out invitations to the banquet

We will provide you with 100 flyers for your banquet, To make the invitation even more special, consider giving out a red rose with each invitation










The flyer will point people to a web page containing the details of your banquet and a short video about God being a loving Father who invites us to his banquet. Guests will be able to book their place at the banquet from your webpage. All booking information will be sent directly to you via email. Click HERE to view the webpage template.

STEP 3: Host the banquet

Whether this is a meal at your home, a barbeque in the back garden, a banquet in a church hall or a street party, the options are endless and for you to decide.

To make the banquet even more meaningful, include a presentation about the story of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15.

Purchase the Banquet Resource Pack for £98

The Banquet Resource Pack includes the following content:

   - 100 A6 flyers

   - Customised web page for your event

   - Banquet presentation video

   - Banquet presentation PowerPoint and speakers notes

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BANQUET Resource Pack

BANQUET Resource Pack


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