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 About - TASTE & SEE


Before you commit to hosting the full 5 day RIVER experience in your town or city, you may want to consider hosting a taster session or taster day to whet your young people's appetite:

  • Two Hour Taster Session - The two hour taster sessions  are ideal for an area wide youth event in an evening or over a weekend. All sessions are interactive and include an opportunity for young people to have a encounter with God.

  • Full Day Taster Experience - In addition to the above, the full day taster experience creates an opportunity for young people to outwork what they have learnt in their community. This is ideal for a Saturday or during school holidays. (Optional: We can provide red hoodies for your young people when doing mission in your community).

  • Four Day Mission Encounter - The following 4 taster days can be joined together to create a 4 day mission experience for your young people:

    1. Jesus invites you to step into the water​ - (ankle deep)

    2. Underground - (knee deep)

    3. Your Father invites you to a banquet - (waist deep)

    4. Becoming a landing place for the Holy Spirit - (waters to swim in)

(Optional: We can provide red hoodies for your ​young people to wear when doing mission in your community.)


Although these experiences have been specifically designed with young people in mind, they also work well with a group of adults and young people together.

How to host - TASTE & SEE

Taste & See works best when it brings together young people from different churches from across a town or city, enabling them to go on a journey together of discovering new depths of surrendering to Jesus, knowing God as Father and being filled with the Holy Spirit.

You will be responsible for providing a venue, meals and refreshments, and promoting Taste & See to young people in your town or city.

The cost of - TASTE & SEE

The following prices are only a guideline. If this is more than you can afford, do speak to us about it

  • Two hour Taster Session - £150 + travel expenses

  • Full day Taster Experience - £250 + travel expenses

  • Four day Mission Encounter - £500 + travel expenses


Saints in the City is a window into how the churches in Canterbury are connecting together to serve their community and impact the city with the love of Jesus